“Competitive sports are played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch court, the space between your ears.”
Bobby Jones

Do you have the mindset of a winner?

As an athlete you can never lose. You might lose a game, but there is so much more. Who or what determines the result? Talent. Physical shape. Preparation. But also the level of play of your opponent during that crucial game. Or the pitch. Sometimes the referee. Probably also coincidence.

So there is much more than the outcome of the game. Your success is the result of hard work. Of perseverance. Hitting the wall and crawling back up. Continuing to have faith in yourself. But above all else, success is the result of awareness of your talent and the motivation to develop that talent. Winning means going beyond your limitations. Physically and mentally.

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Using an in-depth questionnaire, we determine your personal mental profile, a detailed description of your strengths and development needs. The profile consists of an assessment of your mental capacities (such as your concentration, your self-confidence, etc.), a personality profile and a motivation profile.

Before starting, make sure that you are in a quiet environment and that you have enough time to complete the questionnaire. Do not spend too long on each question and try to avoid using the middle answer. Your first reaction will usually be the best response. There are no right or wrong answers.

The questionnaire has 3 parts that are presented automatically one after the other, with clear instructions for answering. You will need about 35 minutes to complete the whole questionnaire. 

Most athletes use this mental profile to design a personal action plan for their development. It can be a good idea to use a mental coach to help you with this, in order to make sure you prepare your games in an optimal way.

The questionnaire has 3 parts that offer a detailed overview of your mental strengths and development needs.

  1. Mental Potential Questionnaire
    A questionnaire developed by sport psychologists Eva Maenhout and Kris Perquy (2010), focusing on evaluating the mental capacities that determine performance (concentration, self-confidence, emotional control, etc.). Your results are compared with a reference Group of professional athletes in Belgium.

    Example: "During key moments I'm able to keep my attention focused on my tasks."

  2. Motivation Profile
    A motivational questionnaire based upon the "Task & Ego Orientation in Sport Questionnaire – TEOSQ" – and the "Perceptions of Success Questionnaire – POSQ")

    Example. "I feel most successful when I am the only one who can perform a certain skill"

  3. My Personality
    A personality questionnaire based on the models of  Carl Gustav Jung, Myers & Briggs and Peter Murphy & Jan Huijbers (Action Type).

    Example. "I am a critical person, who wants to win arguments" OR "I am a friendly person, who wants to unite people".

Right after your payment on the website, you will receive a login code, which gives you access to the questionnaire. After you have completed the questionnaire, your personal Mental Profile will be available immediately (you can download the pdf file).

Quick Scan: € 30
A ten page report with your scores on the different mental capacities, a clear description of your motivation profile and a personality profile.

Click here to see an example of the report.

Full Scan: € 50
A very elaborate in-depth report, with 3 detailed profiles (mental capacities, motivation, personality), quantitative scores and qualitative descriptions of how your scores affect your performance as an athlete.

Click here to see an example of the report.

The following teams have already used "mental profile" to evaluate their mental capacities:

  • Nationale jeugdploegen KBVB
  • Cercle Brugge
  • KV Oostende
  • SV Zulte Waregem
  • Knack Roeselare
  • BC Telenet Oostende
  • VC Argex Duvel Puurs
  • GOLD Swimming Team