During the past 08-09 season, we worked on the following projects:

KSV Cercle Brugge

Logo Cercle Brugge

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  • Workshop with trainers, management and scouting to determine the ideal mental profile of the Cercle player
  • Optimizing scouting tools by adding a mental screening to the recruitment process of new players
  • Screening of mental capabilities of potential new players during winter break
  • Assessment of mental capabilities of senior team through observation and questionnaires - design of individual profiles
  • Feedback to players and support in drafting personal mental training action plans
  • Workshop with players and staff to clarify opportunities and threats of different profiles
  • Feedback to staff and management of the mental capabilities of the senior team including presentation of risks and opportunities and benchmark with data from Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Individual mental coaching trajectory with different players
  • Assessment of leadership and communication style of technical staff feedback on strengths and development needs

Volleyteam Knack Randstad Roeselare

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  • Coach the coach: individual coaching sessions with the head coach effective leadership, insight in group dynamics and focus on personal growth
  • Mental screening of senior team using observations during practice and games, combined with a set of personality questionnaires. Design of individual player reports with qualitative and quantitative feedback of mental capacities
  • Feedback sessions with individual players, focusing on increasing insight in strengths and pitfalls of the mental profile development of priorities as kick-off for the mental training
  • Comprehensive feedback to the technical staff on the mental capacities of the team all players individually but also the team as a whole, including an assessment of the opportunities and threats for the team, and a concrete action plan
  • Use of Action Type methodology, as eye opener for coach and players, in order to enhance self-awareness of strengths and pitfalls and to increase collaboration

Based on the positive experiences this season, both teams have requested to continue the collaboration and to develop the relationship further.